Maoism does not Equal Tourism

Today I was researching the political situation in Nepal, as I had heard there was a deadline for drafting a new constitution about to come to pass.  I thought this might be problematic and it is.  My plan was to go there from May 20 – May 30th.  However, it looks unlikely that I will get there.  Why?  Political unrest, unfortunately.  The new deadline for the constitution is May 28.  Today I read these articles:


They have titles such as “Nationwide Strike in Nepal Threatens Final Steps of Peace Process” and “Maoists Defy Government, force Shutdown”.  These are not titles you want to read about a country you were about to visit.  Note my use of  past tense. This is the quote that sealed the deal for me:

“It is not our pleasure but compulsion to impose the general strike to save the nation and the people,” [Maoist party leader] Mr. Dahal said. “Revolution and major political changes in Nepal have come through street protests.”  The police estimated that 125,000 people joined the rally.

Fortunately, I had not bought that airline ticket from Mumbai to Kathmandu yet.  I am disappointed because I really did want to see Mount Everest and the Himalayas up close, but it seems that I will need to see these from the Indian highlands instead.

So, now what?  Maybe Darjeeling?  Maybe Bangalore?  Some research is definitely in order.  I need to get to the highlands, I think, because I am told it is hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk that time of year in India.  Any suggestions, anyone?

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2 Responses to Maoism does not Equal Tourism

  1. GuitarToma says:

    Stinking Maoists.

    • Not my place to say whether they stink or not, since I don’t live there, but from what I have read, they are not above strongarming a lot of nice people to get their way. Time will tell, I suppose.

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