A few impressions of Seoul

In no particular order…

–It’s situated on a big river. Lots of bridges, lots of breezes.

Seoul bridges

Seoul bridges

–Efficient buses constantly streaming by. For that matter, efficiency in general is found all over this town. You go, Seoul!
–Helpful, friendly people everywhere. Wonderful manners and courtesy, especially given to the elderly and the visitor.
–Ladies like to dress in style. Skirts are as prevalent as pants and lots of high heel shoes are in evidence, despite the long walking distances. If you look, you can occasionally see ladies wincing.
–New cars on display inside the mall as if they are shop goods; now that’s fun!
–Paper lanterns hanging along pedestrian walkways and windchimes are cheerful.
–Aesthetics matter. Even the vents in the in-room hair dryer were cut in heart-shapes. They landscape the freeways with azelias.
–Mercedes is a desired car, but many people also buy the Equus. Hyundai is BIG; most cabs are Hyundai four-door sedans. They can take you to the Hyundai shopping mall or to the Hyundai High School, too.
Elevator car park

Car parking on an elevator

–Seoul is the first place I have ever seen a billboard for Dom Perignon, let alone the double-sized one they had installed over a posh club. There is money here, as evidenced by at least three stories of Prada next to an equally abundant Ferragamo building.
–Ate seawood soup again for lunch, this time with Udon noodles. Came with the sushi I ordered. Some nut had covered the sushi in a salad dressing and put fried bread bits on top. Huh? Not tasty.
–Korean words have a lot of syllables each. Speak with gusto through them and you might get close to saying one right.
–Bongeunsa Temple is special, even though a lot of it is new after a fire in 2002. Best part was walking up shady stone steps to emerge to hundreds of red paper flower lanterns overhead. What a lovely surprise. http://yeinjee.com/2010/bongeunsa-seoul-south-korea/
–Big mud flats out to Incheon airport that are miles wide. Only short brown scrub growing on it, and only in some places (mostly it’s bare). I wonder if it floods in other seasons? Didn’t seem to vary with the tide. The mystery is gnawing at me.

I would gladly return to Seoul.

view from the bus

Seoul from the airport shuttle bus

Now, on to Singapore. And just in case you thought they were a laid-back, manana “whatever” kind of people there, think again:

Singapore immigration card, to be filled in on the plane

Their fine city did not become fine without discipline.

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