So tired in Schiphol

internet at the Amsterdam airport

It was 8.75 hours from Delhi to Amsterdam. I arrived at around 6 AM. I managed to sleep on the plane for maybe 4 hours, which is probably a new record for me. I sat next to a young man who was an employee of Deloitte (and Touche) in India, and was traveling to the US for the first time. He’d been to school in Hong Kong and had done some student exchange traveling in Europe, but he had never visited our fair shores. And where was he starting off? New York City. Sheesh! Talk about taking it head on. I tried to give him some advice, since he seemed to want it. I thought the thing that might be the most difficult there for him would be the potential for confrontation in New York City. Having a shouting match at the drop of a hat doesn’t seem to happen in India, but you need to be prepared for the possibility in New York.

I had a good time seeing Delhi but I was ready to go. Now I am sitting in the Amsterdam airport, where I have had a lovely breakfast of fresh-squeezed orange juice (with ice!) and a doughnut. Everything is clean, orderly, and astoundingly quiet. No little boys are running around screaming at full volume to get their parents’ attention. No one is pushing me or shoving me. Everything smells clean and looks aesthetically correct.

Even the internet station has power in all different conversions available. Ahhhh…

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4 Responses to So tired in Schiphol

  1. Meggi Raeder says:

    oh yeah, back in Western civilization –
    and then plunging right back into Africa – look forward to hear more of your stories.
    Travel safe and have fun,

  2. Joe H. says:

    um … As the top outlet looks like a US one, why are you using an adaptor in what’s likely the european one?

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