I don’t feel so good…

Upon returning from diving two days ago, I was feeling unwell. I thought a good dinner would be in order and then some bed rest. So I ate well and went to bed. And then got out of bed, over and over and over, all night, got the chills and a fever. Yesterday was spent sleeping, or moving around to ease the abdominal cramps. Imodium really didn’t make much of a dent in the problem. Finally at 4:30, I decided it would be smart to go to the pharmacy since this was not going to pass on its own.

For $20, I got to see a very nice doctor (no waiting) and get labs with new, clean needles and medicine. They tested for malaria (negative) but found out my white count was very high. The doctor said it was “gastritis”. I think the food on the dive boat had been sitting a while and that’s what got me. But it could have been the fruit juice at dinner, possibly mixed with local water instead of bottled water. I don’t know. All I know is it took me four hours last night to eat half a bowl of soup, half a roll and a piece of pineapple. Even drinking water hurts. This morning, I feel a little better in that I have no fever anymore, but the stomach cramps persist. I am supposed to take the ferry back to Dar Es Salaam today and I sure hope I can make it without getting sick. The doc said that by the time I finished dose two of the meds, I should feel better, which means I have to get them down and keep them there.

I’d like to say “thanks” to the Dhow Palace hotel for making me soup that was not on the menu and bringing it to my room. They are taking good care of me.

Years ago, when I was first dreaming about the RTW trip, my friend Steve said “just face it, on a trip that long, you’re going to get sick. That’s all there is to it. Somewhere, somehow, you’re going to get sick.” You were right, buddy.

–Update as of June 11th, 8:10 pm.
Still sick. I have not been able to keep any food down for 24 hours now. Same with liquids. I made it back to Dar Es Salaam (and let me tell you the last half hour of that boat ride seemed an eternity), and the comfort of the Swiss Garden Hotel. I am going to go to a clinic as soon as I can. Whatever I have is unaffected by the Zanzibar pills. Ug. I miss eating and drinking normally. I keep thinking about watermelon and coca cola and iced tea…

–Update as of June 12th, 10:18 am
Went to the Aga Khan hospital last night (an entire $65 this time, and again, no waiting) and got an IV drip with fluids, an anti-nausea agent and vitamin B. I lay there for three hours with the drip. Feeling a bit better now. I was able to drink and eat a little bit when I got back, and it stayed down. I got better drugs from the hospital (Cipro) and while I still feel pretty lousy, I think I might be on the mend. I haven’t had more than a piece of bread and half a cup of soup in two days, but I still don’t feel like eating. Safari has been postponed by at least one day (was supposed to leave today), but my health is more important. I must stay here near the good clinics until I feel confident I am better. The Swiss Garden Hotel sent two nice fellows with me to the hospital last night and you know, they stayed with me for three hours, and refused to accept any money from me for their trouble. I am lucky to be under such good care.

–Update 12 June 3:45 pm
Finally, I got to eat something. I have been dreaming about it for days. I feel okay. I am going to get better! Thank heaven for Cipro. I am booking the bus for Arusha tomorrow, and will leave the bulk of my luggage here while on safari. I also had a nice chance to pay back the two young men. Turns out they are learning Linux and did not know the basic commands. I was able to teach them how to get around and gave them some homework to do – they were very interested in learning and it was a pleasant exchange. I am glad I could help. I feel better knowing that I have assisted them at least a little compared to how much they helped me yesterday.

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4 Responses to I don’t feel so good…

  1. Meggi Raeder says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I hope you are getting well soon, but I agree with your friend – it’s bound to happen.
    Thanks for our info re the turtle sanctuary, location, party town, etc. I have several options in Kenya and Tanzania but time at the beach sounds really good. There is a dolphin project but the housing in tents without water, electricity, clean toilets, washing in the ocean sounds a bit too rustic for my taste. Your description of Zanzibar also pulls me towards this island. Thanks for looking into it!
    Have fun on your safari – I am waiting to hear where and which country/location you have chosen.
    Travel safe, and get well,

  2. Hey Meggi, thanks for the good wishes. I am sorry I didn’t have it in me to ask about the turtle sanctuary this morning; it took all my concentration not to be sick in the lobby. I am not feeling much better after the second dose of pills after all. 😦

  3. Aiyana says:

    Hi Jennifer
    Sounds like a rough time…but yes, bound to happen sadly. Thinking of you and all your experiences….hope you are feeling MUCH better now…your blogs are fascinating and pictures fantastic.

    Keep on trucking..

  4. d says:


    Just got back from visit with sister in Hilton Head. She had a logger head turtle lay eggs by her board walk last week.

    Cipro is excellent. Do you have any gatorade or powerade packets to add to water to give you electrolytes?

    Take care, can’t wait to hear about the safari!

    Donna (aka JL)

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