Getting ready for Safari – and that’s not OSX.

After some time at the Aga Khan hospital, and some strong medicine, I am well enough to travel again. I had a real meal tonight. I’ve been dreaming about that for two days now. May blessings rain down on the Swiss Garden Hotel staff for their continued assistance and hospitality. If you have to be sick, this is a good place to do it.

Tomorrow morning I leave Dar Es Salaam on an eight-hour bus trip to Arusha, near the Serengeti. There I will begin my nine-day safari. I don’t know whether I will have any access to the internet or the outside world, so if I don’t post for a bit, please don’t worry about me. The only signal I really plan on will be on the 14th. It’s my grandmother’s 90th birthday and I want to call her. I will return to Dar Es Salaam on the 22nd (I leave the same night for Amsterdam –> Stockholm). I should be able to update the blog around that time, if not sooner.

Wish me luck!

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