Spring flowers in Washington DC

I love to photograph flowers, especially close-ups of flowers. Whenever I am confused or distracted, all I need to get back to myself and feel good again is to go take pictures of plants. The National Botanical Garden was a wonderful escape from the crowds and hubbub of the Washington DC mall. The garden was having a large orchid exhibit in addition to its usual collection of desert, jungle, bonsai and local plants, so I wandered and enjoyed it. I was doing really well until I backed up a step to get a picture and stabbed my head with the thorn of a bull-horn acacia plant. Ow! I think it drew blood. Acacia thorns, when they are not brand new plant-parts, are very hard. Even harder than my thick head. At the end of my tour of the gardens, I sat and enjoyed the Japanese garden and rested my feet (and smarting skull) in quiet contemplation.

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One Response to Spring flowers in Washington DC

  1. Love the photos…especially the one of the spider orchid! One of my favs…

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