Torino Toro, aka Bull Turin

Things are hopping here in Torino, Italy.  I finished up my lunch with friends to find that despite the rain, the Torino Toro fans were out in force for a victory rally.  Toro means bull, in Italian, by the way.  In case you weren’t sure, don’t worry, the flags make it all quite clear.  After witnessing a mass of people all wearing the same color and chanting the same club songs, it was obvious I needed to find out what was happening.  I bought an umbrella and followed the stream of people on Via Roma towards an unknown destination. I knew this crowd came for something special that involved the local football team (football is what they call soccer everywhere outside the US, as you will recall).  But I didn’t know the reason for the big fuss.  The taxi driver told me.  Apparently the two big rival teams around Torino, the Toros and the Juventus (pronounced “you VEN two” here), played this morning and the Toros won.  As a result, the Toros qualify for Division One status and that’s a big deal.  Tonight, Juventus plays Napoli in the Italian Cup.  If Juventus wins that game it is also a big deal and cause for further celebration since Juventus is still a Torino team. 

So, what does that mean for your local tourist?  It means airhorns pretty much everywhere, car horns in a constant “on” position, team songs being sung, tons of flag waving even if you have to hang out of your car window to do it, and cannon fire.  Yes, really, cannon fire.  Makes for an eventful Sunday, that’s for sure! 

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