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A Pirate Took my Bicycle, and other Scavenging Stories from The Move

I am moving to Maryland. Yup, all the way across the country! I got a new job. I am very excited about this: it’s in my original field of study (astrophysics and applied math) and it’s a chance to contribute … Continue reading

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Never Smile at a Crocodile

I had a neighbor once who spent his teenage years dealing cocaine and watching a man shot dead in the Everglades. After the shooting, he made a break for it, running for his life, and spent a few years namelessly … Continue reading

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Magic City

Sometimes you need to start over. For me, anyway, this is that time. On New Year’s Eve, the last day of a terribly challenging year, I put myself on a red-eye flight out of California due to land at dawn … Continue reading

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Contention in Ireland: a Cathedral and a Gaol of Dublin

The thing about a Dublin church, it’s there to stay. No matter what you do to it, nobody forgets about it. The same place, over time, can be a church, or a cathedral, or sometimes even a ruin, but it … Continue reading

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