Terrific Toronto

You may have guessed from talking to me that I have been to Toronto a few times this year. I have always liked it there. Now that I am living in Maryland, I like Toronto even more. I like it so much I’m trying to get a fast pass clearance for Canadian security (Nexus). Why? Lots of reasons. It’s a home design mecca, a land of great fabric stores, and a place where you can get cold weather fashions that are actually fashionable. Toronto has great food, super-nice people, sophisticated shopping, an easy metro subway, and a handsome downtown. Even in winter, the town is bustling and fun. What’s not to like?

Mostly this post is to give a shout-out to the city I have come to love as the next best thing to San Francisco, or maybe it’s the other way around. It’s possible that San Francisco is the next best thing to Toronto, depending on the season.

Things I have found in Toronto that I could not find anywhere else:

  • Mill end bolts of Italian made drapery silk
  • Ladies tights made out of real wool. These look nice and they are very warm.
  • Refurbished beautiful light fixtures from the Czech Republic and Murano, Italy
  • French cotton flannel in a lightweight hand for shirting, again nice-looking and warm, but not lumberjack style.
  • Sculptural, chic bathtubs that you can sit in before you buy
  • Great winter accessories in all colors and styles
  • Teuscher chocolates (okay, they have these in New York too, I admit)
  • A large selection of Aquitalia boots that fit my strong calves
  • The largest carpet and rug selection I’ve seen in one place in North America
  • Things made to last, even the manicure scissors at the drugstore; Canadians don’t sell cheap crap.
  • A metro system that makes sense immediately.
  • As much or more ethnic diversity than California; I meet people from all over the world when I go to Toronto.
  • Round trip fares on Porter Airlines right into town for $250.

I am sure there are other things in Toronto I have yet to discover, and every time I go there, it’s something new. Bring it on – I can’t wait for next time!

Toronto in late spring

Toronto in late spring

Toronto in early winter, from the tarmac.

Toronto in early winter, from the tarmac.

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