Jennifer Spencer started her blog while on a trip around the world in the summer of 2010. At the risk of implied arrogance in speaking in the third person, she will tell you that she is a semi-professional photographer and travel enthusiast. Usually she is in the data warehousing trade for NASA missions, but she was between spacecraft for a time. The trip lasted three months and took her to four continents outside of North America. Since she kept traveling after the “RTW”, she kept writing.
Itinerary for the 2010 RTW (‘Round the World) Voyage:
Seoul, South Korea
Bali, Indonesia
Sikkim and West Bengal, India, and Dehli, India
Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar island
Stockholm, Sweden
Oslo and Bergen, Norway with a detour through the fjordlands
Amsterdam, Holland
Tunisia, North Africa
**Unexpected detour to Italy**
Madrid, Spain
Buenos Aires, Argentina and overland through Bolivia and Peru, including Macchu Pichu
Mexico City, Mexico


4 Responses to About

  1. dinky Mooney says:

    Best of wishes!!! Have a great trip!

    You’d better send photos!!!


  2. Jennifer Spencer is a traveler and photographer by nature, and a science data processor by profession. This blog is about a three-month trip around the world, started May 2010 and hopefully completed in August 2010.

  3. Meggi Raeder says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    your blog is great reading. Are you traveling alone? I just returned from 2 months in Asia: Thailand, Nepal and Bhutan and had an absolutely great adventure.
    Have fun, celebrate life and take care of yourself.

    • Thanks Meggi, I am glad you checked it out! Yes, traveling alone for now. I hope my husband can join me in Tunisia, but that’s in a few weeks, and after Tunisia, I will be alone again.

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