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From Malta to Marrakech, but Slowly

The next day it was, sadly, time to depart Malta. Or so I thought. Once again, Tunisia messed with my day. Geographically, the fastest way to get to Morocco from Malta is to cross North Africa, changing planes in Tunis, … Continue reading

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Malta and Gozo: Oh My.

It had been a while since I’d left North America. Almost an entire year! This was serious. I had been itching to go away for quite some time, and when the opportunity finally presented itself, I jumped at the chance. … Continue reading

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Contention in Ireland: a Cathedral and a Gaol of Dublin

The thing about a Dublin church, it’s there to stay. No matter what you do to it, nobody forgets about it. The same place, over time, can be a church, or a cathedral, or sometimes even a ruin, but it … Continue reading

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All Hallows’ Eve in Land of the Druids

Here I was, in Ireland on Halloween. You cannot stay alone in your hotel room on a night like this, no matter how cold it is outside. It was below freezing, but come *on*. I knew I’d need to do … Continue reading

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The Way to Dublin

Land Sick: What happens when you’ve sat in the same place for too long.  Typically characterized by squirrelly and restless behavior.  Often accompanied by feeling of days running together and lack of productivity.  I include this definition because maybe you … Continue reading

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An Evening Along the Amstel

The TGV from Paris to Amsterdam seemed to take a long time. For one thing, I had to kill two hours in the Paris Gare du Nord before the train thanks to my screw-up, and for another, the train had … Continue reading

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We’ll Always have Paris

Paris has always been a minefield for me in one way or another. Strange things consistently happen to me there. It was where it finally occurred to me that I had to get a divorce many years ago, and where … Continue reading

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